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Taxonomy Complimentary Climate Delegated Act: green labelling of nuclear and natural gas energies

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Earlier this month the European Commission presented a Taxonomy Complementary Climate Delegated Act to accelerate decarbonization. The act includes criteria for nuclear and gas energy activities that cannot be replaced by techno-economically feasible low-carbon alternatives but contribute to the green energy transition. According to the Commission, natural gas activities will be labelled as green if they serve as replacement for a more polluting energy source which cannot be replaced by any other source of clean energy. Green nuclear activities will only be labelled as such if radioactive waste is safely managed.

Despite the Commission stating that the role of natural gas and nuclear power will facilitate the green energy transition and decarbonization of the EU, opinions across Member States differ. It is not surprising that those countries highly dependent on nuclear and natural gas energies (e.g., France and Germany) support the Commission’s decision. While other Member States, such as Luxembourg and Austria, remain on the other side of the spectrum and have hovered to take the case to the EU Court of Justice.

The Complementary Delegated Act will be formally adopted once it will be available in all EU languages. The European Parliament and the Council will then have four months to carefully examine the regulation. The Council will have the right to object the regulation if the objection is supported by at least 72% of Member States representing at least 65% of the EU population.

Once the scrutiny period is over, and assuming neither the Parliament nor the Council object it, the act will enter into force and be applicable as of 1 January 2023.



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