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Digital Platforms and Big Data

Pál Belényesi - 2016

An economic, legal and psychological framework - published by the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 

Digital Competitiveness in Finland and Its Driving Forces

Pál Belényesi - 2016

Published in the European Networks Law and Regulation Quarterly

Europe’s Disfunctionalist Fashion

Pál Belényesi - October 2016

In a recent EUobserver article signed by the code name Civis Europaeus, an internal European Commission employee argues for a fundamentally revised communication strategy in order to win acceptance for Europe and thereby save the European unification process...

Challenges of Competition Policy in a Digitalized Economy

Pál Belényesi - July 2015

European Parliament Contributor

Participation in Large-Scale International Development Projects

Pál Belényesi - November 2016

Short-term technical expert in “Activity 1.A.1. of Overall Working Plan of Component 2 of the TRTA 3 project between the European Union and the Government of the Philippines”, on legal mapping the telecom and competition environment. Author of the technical report. 6-25 November, 2016. Manila, The Philippines. 

Competition-Related Challanges in Digital Environments

Pál Belényesi - 2015

Comparison of jurisprudence on digital markets and related legal considerations in the United States and in the European Union

Economics of Digital Markets – a brief introduction

Pál Belényesi - 2016

Competition authorities face many challenges when it comes to market analysis of such markets. ough neoclassical theories seem to hold for many goals, the solicitation of structured results from empirical researches and behavioral economics seems to be a wise option to consider when analyzing such markets...

The Telecommunications Dimension. In: Completing Europe

Pál Belényesi - November 2014

From the North-South Corridor to Energy, Transportation and Telecommunications Union. Central Europe Energy Partners – Atlantic Council

The Palestinian-Lebanese Paradox

Pál Belényesi - 2017

The socio-cultural conundrum of palestinian refugees in Lebanon: Law, economics and culturemore about this item. 

The European Carbon Trading System After 2012

Pál Belényesi - 2011

A Transatlantic Energy Future. Strategic Perspectives on Energy Security, Climate Change and New Technologies in the United States and Europe. (ed. Dávid Korányi), SAIS, Washington, DC

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