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Bringing the European Union directly to you.


Cybersecurity and data protection are two of the most important issues today that an increasing number of companies face. We built up know how during the negotiation process of the General Data Protection Regulation, we then helped companies to prepare, and we are now following closely new developments: artificial intelligence and ethics. Business entities will need to closely follow the developments of cybersecurity, data privacy and IoT certification processes. The European Commission, the UK are making progress on all fronts, and with Brexit things will only get messier with possible regulatory divergence between the two sides. 

We believe that regulatory compliance is not a status – it is an attitude. The more prepared you are in advance, the lest it costs.


and Circular Economy

Everybody has heard by now the buzzwords of circular economy, climate change and sustainability. Such matters are to be found in 80% of EU policies, sectoral or horizontal. From CSR to green public procurement, rules are constantly being changed and companies are required to adopt quickly. 

We assist clients in building their business around improved environmental sustainability, CSR and nearly-zero energy buildings. We monitor national developments of regulatory agendas and inform companies of the changes. We do not take the decisions – but we supply market intelligence to burden information asymmetry and improve the chances of fact-based and well-informed decision making.

Network industries

Regulation of network industries has always been a cornerstone of the Brussels legislative machine. Telecoms, energy, water, transport, waste management remain at the helm of top-down governmental intervention. Independently of who you are, these grand decisions affect you: consumer rights, market price caps, roaming fees, network sharing, new investments. 

Let us help guide you during this turbulent time.  are striving for.


Are you looking to break into the European market but you just don't know how? Don't let this hold you back from successfully expanding your business.

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