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EU’s Working Plan 2022-2024 on ecodesign and energy labelling

The plan aims at increasing ecodesign and energy labelling ambitions of new or already regulated energy-related products. The Commission is due to present or adopt 38 reviews before the end of 2024, and another eight in 2025. The Commission intends to prioritise work on reviews in three main groups, based on the following justifications:

  1. Heating and cooling appliances;

  2. Other product groups with energy labels up for rescaling (no specific indication);

  3. Concluding other reviews that represent significant additional savings potential in terms of energy or material savings e.g., external power supplies or photovoltaic elements.

In parallel, the Commission is continuing work on Energy Smart Appliances. Since the main issue identified in previous studies was interoperability, the Commission intends to foster coherent development on the market and adherence of industry to open standards through a voluntary approach. This work has links to several other strands of action, including some that will be addressed in more detail in the forthcoming Digitalisation of Energy Action Plan.

The Working Plan points out the following standards as of higher interest for emphasized work:

In the upcoming work, the trend towards increased emphasis on circular economy will continue by integrating relevant requirements based on the experiences gathered so far, with the implementation of the 2019 measures. Such requirements would be supported by improvements in the methodology and possibilities for standardisation, and they should contribute to the transition to the new legislative framework on Ecodesign for Sustainable Products.



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