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The European Commission Adopts New Contingency Planning Legislation

Given the continued uncertainty in the UK surrounding the ratification of the Withdrawal Agreement, the Commission has on 23 January adopted two legislative proposals to help mitigate the significant impact that a "no-deal" Brexit would have on EU fisheries.

The Commission's Secretary-General is continuing its preparedness activities and contingency work and will help ensure a coordinated EU-wide approach in such a scenario.

  • The first proposal is to allow fishermen and operators from EU Members States to receive compensation under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund for the temporary cessation of fishing activities.

  • The second proposal amends the Regulation on the Sustainable Management of the External Fleets. The aim of this proposal is to ensure that the EU is in a position to grant UK vessels access to EU waters until the end of 2019, on the condition that EU vessels are also granted reciprocal access to UK waters. This proposal is limited to 2019.

Air traffic and the fisheries industry now have a more predictable immediate future even in case of no-deal Brexit. Other industries can rely on guidelines dating back to early 2018.



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