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Parliament's position on the EPBD revision

On the 14th of March, Parliament adopted its position on the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (recast). The text didn’t have an overwhelming agreement but passed with 343 votes to 216 against and 78 abstentions.

What was agreed upon?

All buildings should be zero-emission from 2028 – Parliament’s position reduced by two years the target and one year in case of new buildings occupied, operated or owned by public authorities (now from 2026).


The Plenary text took many amendments from the ENVI Committee contributions that we announced in October. Parliament enlarged concepts such as ‘deep renovation’ to strengthen the text. Moreover, MEPs include references to achieve energy efficiency through healthy conditions and taking into account buildings’ occupants comfort – They added articles related to IEQ and NEW.

Furthermore, Parliament pay attention to the use of technology to accomplish that through an enlarge concept of technical building system that includes electrically operated solar shading. Also, MEPs added that Member States shall require nonresidential buildings to be equipped with automatic lighting controls and established their requirements.

What is new?

Next steps

MEPs will now enter into negotiations with Council to agree on the bill's final shape - It is expected to be adopted before the termination of the Swedish presidency.


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