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News steps in the EPBD revision

Last week, the European Parliament’s Environment committee discussed the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive’s recast and they voted on their opinion.

The committee’s amendments focus on creating smarter and more sustainable public and private buildings. The Committee suggests more enlarged concepts that include paying real attention to the importance of daylight conditions and incorporating building automation and solar shading systems.

Furthermore, the amendments established new definitions that will be relevant for new and renovated buildings, such as the need for circularity measures, the attention to the New European Bauhaus, and the guarantee of improved Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ). The amendments contain eleven new references which highlight the need to set parameters and standards to measure it and contemplate all its elements: thermal, acoustic, lighting and indoor air quality.

This new step brings us closer to the final version of the EPBD revision.

The committee amendments now have to be combed together with the other EP committee recommendations by the lead ITRE committee of the Parliament. Then the plenary will vote on the final text of the Parliament before it goes to discussion with the Council.


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