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New Online Toolkit by the European Commission

Recently, the European Commission released a 17-page communication on the application of the GDPR. The communication itself does not offer any new developments, as it primarily sums up what the Commission and the Member States’ authorities have done since 2016. However, it does explain what the Commission plans to do during the upcoming months.

Post May 2018, the EC will monitor the application of the GDPR in the Member States. If irregularity is discovered, infringement procedures may be launched against the Member States in question, which could end up in the MS paying a fine to the Commission.

A practical online guidance tool is also available to businesses and consumers. The Commission intends to promote this tool to the target audiences through an information campaign addressed to business and the public in the run-up to May 2018 and afterwards.

The Regulation allows the Commission to issue implementing or delegated acts to further support the implementation of the new rules. In particular, the Commission will look into the issue of certification.

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