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LIVE: Brexit Updates

Updated: May 14, 2019

12 April

The UK's EU membership is extended until 31 October. The UK can leave with or without a deal, but is set either way to leave.

29 March

MPs rejected Prime Minister May’s Withdrawal Agreement again for the third time by a majority of 58, the votes being 344 to 286. This means that the Brexit extension will not extend to 22 May and that the UK Parliament must decide what it will do before midnight on 12 April or otherwise leave the EU with no deal. The European Commission released a statement explaining that a no-deal scenario has now become even more likely which means the benefits of a withdrawal agreement, including the transition period, will not be applicable.

Here is the full statement from the European commission following the vote in the Commons.

25 March

MPs vote to seize control from Prime Minister May of the Brexit agenda by a vote of 329 to 302. Thanks to the amendment led by Tory MP Oliver Letwin, UK Parliament backbenchers will now be all to hold a series of indicative votes on alternatives to May’s Brexit deal. MPs are expected to vote on May’s deal, alternative deals and arrangements again on Wednesday.

22 March

Following a historic summit in Brussels on Thursday, the European Council of the EU27 leaders agreed to extend the Brexit leave date to either 12 April or 22 May (should there be a positive vote on the existing deal before 12 April). These dates are set in respect to the EU elections, as 12 April is the deadline – at least for now – for the UK to decide whether it will hold EU Parliament elections which are then held 23 May - 26 May.

For further information, visit the EU Council informational page here.

21 March

Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council, announced last night that the EU will only back a short extension of the 29 March Brexit deadline if May’s withdrawal deal passes in the UK Parliament next week.

Theresa May is in Brussels today to seek Brexit delay until 30 June. Earlier today May placed the blame for the Brexit chaos on the MPs, angering many and reducing her chances of passing her deal next week.

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