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European Parliament Resolution on Brexit Guidelines Approved

Last week, the European Parliament released the draft resolution detailing the proposal for the future of the relationship between the European Union and the United Kingdom post Brexit with the intention of being to put to vote the following week while Parliament met in Strasbourg, France. The EP draft resolution was adopted today by a vote of 554 in favor to 110 against.

Preceding the vote, the draft was heavily debated by key figures such as Michel Barnier, EU Chief Brexit negotiator, Guy Verhofstadt, EP Brexit group coordinator for the negotiations with the UK, and Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission.

During the debate Barnier emphasized repeatedly that the UK would not retain its current privileges that it has become accustomed to benefitting from as a member of the EU without sharing the costs and obligations of the other EU27, specifically in the sector of trade. Barnier ended with the ominous statement “we are open for business, it is the UK that is closing doors.”

Juncker echoed Barnier's frustration with the progress of the current negotiations and repeated the need for the rights of EU citizens living the UK to be respected and recognized by the British government, post Brexit.

It was, however, Guy Verhofstadt (LIBE, MEP) who voiced the EU’s growing frustration and impatience with the UK. He reminded Parliament that they had yet to receive a proposal from the UK on what it wishes are for the future relationship between the two entities.

Overall, adoption of the draft resolution points to the EU’s determination to prevent the UK from cherry picking the benefits of close integration with the EU without sharing the same financial obligations and judicial regulations as the remaining EU 27. It is also clear from the debates prior to the vote that the EU is growing frustrated with the UK’s lack of proposals and warns the UK that it is quickly running out of time.

The approved guidelines serve as input for the European Council meeting later this month. The EU27 are expected to approve the guidelines for the negotiations about the framework of the future trade deal between the EU and the UK.



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