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A new recruit to our team!

We are very excited to welcome Inma as our new junior advisor. We are especially proud to “gender-out-balance” our team with another woman on board.

She joined us on February 16th after finishing her traineeship at one of the EU Institutions. Inma will contribute to our team by supporting our sustainability, the green energy transition, and EU environmental regulation advisory services. Her sustainability background and her experience in Luxembourg at the heart of the EU make her a very valuable asset to our team.

As a young master graduate, she is very excited to apply the knowledge and expertise she’s gathered throughout her studies in a hands-on multicultural European environment. She believes the NextGenerationEU framework and the EU’s strong environmental and social agendas make Europe the ideal transformative agent within the green energy transition. She is also thrilled to explore our clients’ opportunities to become key sustainability players in the European market.

For Inma, working in sustainability allows her to combine her interest in climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts with her professional willingness to drive positive change. When asked about her approach when advising clients, she answered for her the first fundamental step is understanding the client’s concerns. She believes strong advisor-client communication is necessary to make complex sustainability issues more understandable and achieve fruitful results.


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