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A new recruit!

We are pleased to announce that our team has just got larger. Our new recruit, Juan, jumped on board on 6 September with the aim to help strengthening our services concerning sustainability, circularity and environmental regulation.

We are delighted that he decided to work with us and advance his academic experience in the field. We chose him because we believe that he doesn’t only bring value but already seem to fit well with our values and the way we work. He is young, kind, ambitious but focused, and is multilingual.

On the occasion of the start of our new adventure, we did a short interview with him:

  1. What brings you to EU-related sustainability work?

    1. I am fascinated by the growing and sophisticated interest in sustainability by public and private actors in Europe, which has transformed the region into a world leader when it comes to the subject of sustainability. I believe that by working in the field in Europe I am contributing to the ongoing innovations and the much-needed progress to be made.

  2. Why do you like to work in sustainability?

    1. I enjoy working in the sustainability field as it allows me to combine my professional efforts with my personal environmental values. This way, with every project I help complete, I am not only helping people but also the planet.

  3. What do you think will be the most important, in terms of learnings during your masters, that you can add to the clients’ needs during your new experience?

    1. My ability to provide sustainability oriented perspectives and solutions that might have not been considered before. As well as, a developed understanding of EU green policies and regulations, and my training in sustainability assessment techniques.

  4. What is to be your focus when it comes to advising clients on sustainability?

    1. My focus for advising clients is to make complex sustainability issues and polices more understandable and make the solutions seem more accessible. To achieve specific and tangible results.

Welcome, Juan, to the team!


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